Mainsail Global

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Industry Experience

Our experience in multiple disciplines gives us a unique vantage point. We see things through the eye of: chemists, engineers, construction professionals, and technology experts.

Specialty Disc Membrane

Specialty membranes can be highly effective in improving issues such as fouling and torn membranes. In some cases specialty membranes can resolve these issues alone, however in other cases it may take a maintenance program and/or some form of pretreatment.

Optomized membranes

With the right rubber chemistry, our optimized membranes deteriorate slower and can last 10+ years.

Fine Bubble Industrial Wastewater Aeration

We help companies cut energy and operational costs and boost their all important environmental image while putting an end to regulatory and compliance issues.  

Why Mainsail Global?

Mainsail Global is an innovation and technology company focused on strategic industrial wastewater management.  It’s our ability to offer our clients real, integral, and comprehensive parts and solutions that are developed specifically from the understanding of their wastewater system.  

Have an Industrial Wastewater project in mind? Let’s get to work.