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With a history dating back more than half a century, we are in the privileged position of being thought leaders in the field of wastewater management.  In this time we have ascertained that certain practices occur in the industry and that there are certain truths; whether these are with Customers, the Market or the very technology of industrial water chemistry.


Testing & Due Diligence

  • There is a lack of confidence and trust in system design.
  • Customers are generally very disappointed due to high energy & maintenance costs, low reliability in the systems & a significant lack of predictability.
  • “Industry sin”: many have been sold things that simply don’t work.
  • Know their systems, but not the available marketplace solutions.
  • TSH & FTU are extremely useful tools for the customer to “see” the difference in fouling.
  • Certain water will change rubber compound and impact performance & longevity.
  • Certain membranes work better for certain applications.  And sometimes we get surprised!


Market & Players

  • Water chemistry can be very different from plant to plant!
  • Industrial water chemistry has a much more significant role in the biological process than municipal.
  • Everyone understands the biological process.  However, not many understand just how the water chemistry has an effect on air delivery systems.
  • By-product re-use / re-sell conversations are becoming more prominent.  Might require an even different solution (i.e. may want to actually keep some of the chemicals – ex: nitrogen – in effluent).
  • Segmentation is completely unsophisticated.
  • No integration or collaboration in industry.
  • All claim to do both industrial and municipal systems.
  • Firms simply over-design systems to pre-solve for potential problems.
  • Engineers, general contractors, and aeration companies do not understand rubber, or the chemistry of rubber/water. Therefore, they simply do not understand membranes.
  • “Risk avoidance” is pervasive.  This prevents industry from being innovative.


  • Municipal solutions DO NOT deliver the value defined by the industrial customer.
  • The vast majority of current industrial systems are lagoons.
  • Industrials need pre-treatment for their applications.
  • No pre-treatment products designed for unique industrial applications. We need to design pre-treatment systems that currently do not exist.
  • A total system is made up of the following disciplines: (1) Chemical, (2) Biological, and (3) Mechanical.  People don’t understand the interactions of these.

Field Test Facts

The average percentage of facility construction costs attributed to wastewater aeration is just 2%.

The annual percentage of energy costs at a wastewater treatment facility used for aeration is 60-80%.

Fine bubble aeration uses 40-70% of the power required by course bubble or surface aeration. *

The average diffuser membrane requires cleaning in just 6 months due to build-up, and will need to be replaced in 5 years.

With the right rubber chemistry, our optimized membranes deteriorate slower and can last 10+ years

*  Depending on the facility

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  • Different chemistries all coming together; fouling is an issue
  • Correct chemistry is difficult / critical
  • Requires specialized “micro-market” focus
  • More difficult to predict and spec
  • Each of these systems are unique
  • The customer, and their unique insight, is as much a part of the process as we are
  • Scope is too broad for any one signal company to provide entire solution

Municipal w/ Industrial Mix

  • Slightly more difficult to manage because of industrial discharge timing
  • Concentration of waste stream can alter chemistry & function of the system
  • Becoming more & more like the Industrial market


  • Besides solids, very predictable
  • Standard commodity solutions

Market Re-defined

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