Membranes and Diffusers

Mainsail Global provides customized, durable, and chemically-correct membranes and diffusers for any waste water facility.


Our Material Chemistry group evaluates and refines membrane materials based on results of water and environmental analytics and product testing.


In turn, our pioneering Membrane Technology experts develop diffuser designs optimized for aeration performance and durability in any application, and any environment.

Our Explorer series of fine bubble membranes consist of various compounds that have been tested and proven most effective in different wastewater applications:

  • Magellan (EPDM): municipal
  • Columbus (EPDM Antimicrobial): municipal and other
  • Dampier Marquette (Silicone): food & beverage
  • Cook (EPDM, coated): refinery, diary, beverages
  • Drake (EPDM, anti-scaling): chemical, acid
  • DaGama (EPDM, anti-scale, coated, Microshield)
  • Burton (polyeurethane): beverages, low heat, pulp/paper

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Key Benefits

Mainsail Global’s Explorer Series Disc Diffusers are custom-designed with state-of-the-art, proprietary membrane materials and our cutting-edge MicroShield™ Technology, engineered for superior aeration and durability no matter the wastewater market.

Fine pore with multiple membrane perforations to optimize performance, air handling capacity or operating pressure.

Triple-check valve feature prevents back-flow of liquid into the diffuser and piping.

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene construction offers the utmost durability and environmental resistance.

Surface Aerator Units & Floating Lateral

Our aeration module is a convenient way to easily increase air handling capacity and can be installed quickly and conveniently. The modules are designed to retrofit existing tube or disc units that are no longer providing optimal aeration performance.  Our surface aerator replacement modules are available in 12, 16, or 20 diffuser unit assemblies.

Our floating laterals are constructed from HDPE pipe designed to float on liquid surfaces. They are a cost-effective, reliable air supply that is especially ideal for ponds and lagoons. Floating laterals are an excellent alternative because of its low capital, install, and maintenance costs.

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System Design Field & Technical Services

Mainsail Global offers complete guidance, drawing, capacity & performance documentation, and spec formulation for entire aeration systems. We also can come on-site and conduct field tests to help better understand and quantify membrane/system performance in its actual operating environment. We are also proud to offer our clients expert technical services via site visits, testing programs, and total system support (layout, equipment, install, maintenance). Lastly, our extensive network of strategic partners allows us to leverage the best in cost & quality for controls, blowers, and operational metrics.

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Other Products

In addition to membrane technology, we also offer supplementary components and parts such as UDM’s and Diffuser Wrenches.

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