History of Mainsail Global & Our Wastewater Technology

Mainsail Global is a subsidiary of Hiawatha Rubber,  an internationally renown leader in specialized product design and a premier rubber resource since 1955.  In 2009, Hiawatha Rubber acquired knowledge  of a unique need for fine bubble flexible aeration membranes in the wastewater treatment industry.


It was a need that spanned subdivisions of the industry, and defied all prior conceptions of fine bubble aeration’s capabilities in individual facilities.  Hiawatha Rubber engineered these custom parts, and soon realized even greater demands from the wastewater treatment industry.

With roots in precisely customized engineering and expectation-shattering results, Mainsail Global emerged to bring strategic solutions, and an unparalleled knowledge of rubber chemistry, to virtually any market of wastewater treatment.  We have been solving problems of all sizes and environments ever since.


Mainsail Global is an innovative leader in wastewater technology.  We have developed and offer specialized membranes, diffusers, aeration modules, and complete fine bubble system design strategies that no other company in our industry can offer.

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