Speciality Disc Membrane

Specialty membranes can be highly effective in improving issues such as fouling and torn membranes.  In some cases specialty membranes can resolve these issues alone, however in other cases it may take a maintenance program and/or some form of pretreatment.


Pretreatment can be designed to make the water more compatible with the aeration system.  Specialty fine bubble membranes are, without a doubt, capable of replacing surface aerators in the right design/configuration in most cases.  Unquestionably, fine bubble diffusers are significantly more efficient than surface aeration, therefore significantly less expensive to operate.

Disc membranes are typically higher quality than tubes due to production processes that hold higher tolerances.  These membranes can be made with a much larger group of rubber compounds that can be more specialized for different water chemistry and applications.


Specialty Disc membranes in the right application would be void of tearing and in many cases significantly less prone to fouling than tube membranes.  In many cases it will take an expert in water chemistry as it relates to membranes and membranes technology to provide the correct design.

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