Why Mainsail Global?

Mainsail Global is an innovation and technology company focused on strategic industrial wastewater management.  It’s our ability to offer our clients real, integral and comprehensive parts and solutions that are developed specifically from the understanding of their wastewater system.  Our promise is to exceed your expectations at all times and through our R & D and experience, to set standards for others to follow.

  • We are set up to deliver CUSTOMER-DEFINED value.
  • We are business people who understand this is your money and you need to see a return on your investment.
  • We come from the real world where economic expectations are attached to capital & operating expenses and cost of goods.
  • We do not just sell products, we provide solutions that actually work.
  • We embrace a specialized “micro-market” focus that tells us that no two waste streams are the same – even within industries.
  • We consider the customer, and their unique insight, is as much a part of the process as we are.

No Surprises

 Over HALF A MILLION membranes in market … and NOT 1 warranty claim

What we know

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From Fine Bubble Membranes to Diffuser Assemblies and Aeration Modules, our products are available to purchase directly from our online store; with great prices and speedy delivery from our logistics partner UPS.

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Fine Bubble Industrial Wastewater Aeration

The treatment of wastewater has always been seen as a necessary evil, a problem to slap a band-aid on and forget.  Many opportunists have been all too happy to provide those quick fixes in the form of one-size-fits-all widgets that only serve to kick the problem down the road.


Our experience in multiple disciplines gives us a unique vantage point.  We see things through the eyes of; chemists, engineers, construction professionals and technology experts.  We see things as scientists.


Where others see a problem, we see opportunity, and the result is anything but a widget.

Our ability to solve problems holistically means we can offer customized parts and solutions that fit each clients unique situation.


We help companies cut energy and operational costs and boost their all important environmental image while putting an end to regulatory and compliance issues.


Mainsail Global will turn a problem that no one wants to deal with in to a competitive advantage that people can't stop talking about.  Through hard work, diligence and a commitment to getting things right, we continue to erode perceptions, to chip away at the status quo.

Because the opportunities are enormous.

Our History

Our Difference

Products and Services

Mainsail Global are leaders in providing customized, durable and chemically-correct membranes and diffusers and aeration modules for any waste water facility.

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Mainsail Global's Video gallery page displays videos of everything from our manufacturing process to in-field installations carried out by our professional, experienced  team.

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Mainsail Global differentiates ourselves on these highly distinctive points of emphasis:

  • Financial - we focus on your Return on Investment
  • Integral system parts and solutions
  • Chemistry & microbiology relationship between rubber and water
  • Field testing assessments

Our Principles

  • We design parts and systems for industrial wastewater applications to be cost-effective, efficient, predictable, and reliable
  • By fulfilling customer needs, we fulfil ours
  • Listen, Learn, Create, Test, Develop
  • We won’t / can’t be confined by “today’s” parameters

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Made the Grand Canyon.

Surely it can transform your wastewater business.

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